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About us

Wembdon Parklands and Community Together is a not for profit charity managed by  5 trustees and volunteers.   We came together as a group of people, who have a variety of disabilities and wanted an inclusive to all outdoor leisure facilities in the local community.  We all shared the same vision of enhancing the quality of life and wellbeing for the less abled parishioners of Wembdon. These people may feel isolated in the community; are elderly and lonely; wheel chair users; disabled with mobility issues;  visually impaired; have young families but limited out door space to play or exercise in; are adults and children with various learning disabilities.

We have carried out research to ascertain what parishioners wanted and needed to be able to fully enjoy the parklands belonging to the Parish.  We ran a children's 'design your own parkland' colouring competition and distributed questionnaires at parish events.  We regularly meet with parishioners at the park and in the parish centre, talking and listened to their views and ideas.  Founder member Lorna Edwards delivered a presentation to the Parish Council on the 19th June, 2017, explaining what parishioners needed from their parklands.  The PC welcomed our group and agreed to work with us on the project.  The out come of our research has further been confirmed in the recent results of the Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire, 2018.

Our objective is to raise funds to rejuvenate an inaccessible area of the Wembdon Parklands and transform it into an all inclusive recreational facility with a woodland walk, nature trail and a prairie orchard that encourages insects and wildlife.   The park will be designed to include a wide pathway suitable for wheelchair users to ensure maximum enjoyment and inclusiveness.  

Sensory borders will be planted to stimulate the senses. The nature trail and promote gentle activity and education.  Low level adventure play equipment will help children with coordination and balance. Picnic and seating areas will support a healthy social environment, helping people make friends and meet others,  giving them a feeling of belonging in their community.

Land scaping and planting of mature trees, hedging and shrubs , will be essential in combating  traffic emissions from the adjacent busy  northern distributor road (A39), making it a healthier space to enjoy.  Conserving and enhancing the natural landscape will protect and encourage wild life back into the area.  We will install bat boxes and nesting boxes high up in the trees.  A stumpery will be created and hedgehog boxes will be hidden in the hedge rows.  The parklands are known to be a badger foraging area and we have planed and design the planting to enhance and improve their feeding ground. To be able to achieve our aims and objectives, we are working togethers with local authorities, agencies and experts whose knowledge and expertise have helped us to design a plan that improves the natural environment and biodiversity and is also an educational and all inclusive recreational Parkland for the public. 

After this large project is completed the charity will continue to raise funds to support the Parishioners and the Wembdon Parklands for the benefit of wildlife and the disabled and for the general well being of all parishioners.  We will help the elderly and disabled people in the community to achieve a good quality of life, through gentle activity, equipment and mobility improvements that will enable them to become socially included.  Wembdon PACT ​will continue to raise funds and run various fundraising events.  We will continue to apply for funding from local and national companies and funding bodies for the benefit of the community.

​The plans explained 

Our first priority is to raise funds to rejuvenate an inaccessible area of parkland into an all inclusive recreational facility. 

Creating a woodland and nature trail which will include, new fencing and gates that will  prevent children and off lead dogs running out of the concealed entrance on to the main road and being a hazard for drivers. There will be new and wider pathways leading to seating  areas and more trees and hedging will be planted to combat the emissions from the busy NDR and  existing trees and hedging will remain.  New sensory borders will be landscaped and a prairie orchard will be planted, planting fruit baring plants and trees will become a good food source for badgers and birds.   All kinds of wildlife will be encouraged to return to the area and we will include;  Insect hotels, a stumpery area, hedgehog hoses bat boxes and habitats for birds and small mammals.  Protecting and maintaining a the natural  biodiversity of a thriving wetlands area for badgers and combating pollution and emissions.

This will become a flag ship disabled facility, that will enhance the health and well-being of less abled people in the community bringing new opportunities to socialise; thus enhancing the community spirit now and for our future generations to come. 

Wembdon PACT are pleased to be working with Wembdon Parish Council on the parklands Project.

A Huge Thank You To Our Sponsors

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